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Dr. Omar R. Harvey

Dr. Omar Harvey
Assistant Professor Main: 817.257.4272
BS (Hons) Univ. of West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago, 2001 MS University of Florida, 2004 Ph.D. Texas A&M, 2010

Academic Interests

My research interests are centered on addressing relevant scientific questions pertaining to the mechanistic aspects of chemical and energy-flow dynamics in Earth as a system. Research activities in my group (more often, than not) occur at the nexus of two or more scientific disciplines and are heavily influenced by an earth system science and constructivist perspective.

I also have a keen interest in undergraduate research in Earth and Environmental Sciences and the factors that influence novice (student)/ expert (faculty) productivity. Particularly, I am interested in the influence of factors of motivation (e.g. mentoring, career goals, institutional resources, compensation and cultural/socio-economic background) on participation and research quality.

Common threads throughout my research program are the:

  • Investigation/modeling of structure-reactivity, structure-function and perturbation-response relationships at interfaces or occurring in interfacial systems.
  • Development of innovative instrumentation and experimental techniques for investigating macroscopic and molecular-scale biogeochemical processes.
  • Development of academic programs to better facilitate student learning as a scientist-in-training

Current research thrusts are in:

  • Carbon and carbon dynamics in near-surface and deep geological environments – including geologic carbon sequestration, CO2 to CH4 transformation in mineral systems, and pyrogenic carbon behavior in soil and aquatic systems.
  • Contaminant and nutrient behavior in response to natural and anthropogenic perturbation
  • Application of modern calorimetric techniques in the Earth Sciences
  • Logistic modeling approaches for Earth Science applications