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Milt Enderlin

Milton Enderlin
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
B.S. Sonoma State University, 1977 M.S. Texas Christian University, 2010

Background and Research Interests

I am a Professor of Professional Practice in Structural Geomechanics, Earth Materials, and Petrophysics as well as a Research Associate studying the Geomechanics of fluid flow along fractures and faults in very low permeability rocks. I am also the curator for TCU’s Core Storage Facility. Prior to TCU, I was with The Gearhart Companies for four years as a Structural Petrophysicist, ConocoPhillips for sixteen years as a Petrophysicist and Structural Petrophysicist, and Halliburton Logging Services for fourteen. Along the way, I have authored or co-authored 8 U.S. patents and numerous publications.


Research Interests:

My primary research interests are as follows:

1. Geomechanics of fluid flow along fractures and faults.

2. MicroMechanical testing for rock properties.

3. Estimating rock mechanical properties by combining geophysical well logs and petrophysical analysis.