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Dr. Helge Alsleben

Helge Alsleben
Associate Professor Direct: 817.257.5455
Vordiplom University of Hamburg, 1996 Geology M.S. San Jose State University, 2000 Geology Ph.D. University of Southern California, 2005 Geology

Research Interests

Research Interests – I consider myself a broadly trained structural

Most of my recent research has has focused on the strength and composition
of rocks making up unconventional reservoirs such as the Barnett Shale. In
light of that interest, my students and I complete fracture analyses and
have developed an interest in rock strength and in-situ stress
determinations related to rock failure and reactivation of preexisting
mechanical discontinuities. Furthermore, my students and I are
investigating how composition affects rock strength and how rock strength
varies throughout these complex, heterogeneous reservoirs.

In addition to the above, more lab-based research, I conducted field
work in contractional, extensional, and strike-slip tectonic regimes and
have worked in rocks from the near-surface to amphibolite facies
metamorphic environments. During my graduate studies, I worked in the
North Cascades, WA (MS Thesis) and Baja California, Mexico (Ph.D).
Currently my field interests are in the tectonic evolution of the Northern
Sierra terrane in northern California as well as the Big Bend area in West
Texas. Most of my students currently work on these projects and I have several more ideas on projects related to the above topics.For additional information click here.

Teaching Interests

I regularly teach courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.
Undergraduate courses include a basic physical geology course
(Understanding the Earth), Geology of National Parks (taught infrequently)
and Structural Geology (taught every Spring semester). Graduate courses
include Global Tectonics and Basin Analysis (team-taught with Dr. Xie
during even-year Fall semesters) and Structural Geomechanics (team-taught
with Milt Enderlin during odd-year Spring semesters).