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Geological Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences encompasses academic programs in geology and earth sciences. Students can enhance their learning experience by working at our Unconventional Reservoirs-Core Lab Facility through the TCU Energy Institute. Students can also get involved in meteorite analysis through our world-renowned Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery. The department’s faculty members are dedicated to creating unique teaching and research opportunities for students interested in meeting the challenges related to natural resources and energy.

Fall 2019 Colloquia Series – All Colloquia are on Fridays, at 2PM in SWR 238. Upcoming talk in red.

Sep. 6
Oct. 4 Richard Hanson TCU Volcanic processes, sedimentation and tectonics in an ancient (1.2 billion years old) convergent margin setting, Namibia, southwest Africa
Oct. 18 Doug Edmonds IU Dynamics of land loss and land building on the Mississippi River Delta
Nov. 1 John Shaw Arkansas Controls on Branch and Loop formation in River Delta Channels
Nov. 15 Dennis Kerr University of Tulsa Provenance of the Deepwater Atoka Fm. of the Ouachita Mountains of Oklahoma using a multidimensional approach.
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