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Geological Sciences

The Department of Geological Sciences encompasses academic programs in geology and earth sciences. Students can enhance their learning experience by working at our Unconventional Reservoirs-Core Lab Facility through the TCU Energy Institute. Students can also get involved in meteorite analysis through our world-renowned Oscar E. Monnig Meteorite Gallery. The department’s faculty members are dedicated to creating unique teaching and research opportunities for students interested in meeting the challenges related to natural resources and energy.

Spring 2019 Colloquia Series – All Colloquia are on Fridays, at 2PM in SWR 238. Upcoming talk in red.

Feb 1 Raj Dasgupta Earth and Planetary Sciences, Rice University Origin and Early Differentiation of Life-Essential Volatile Elements on Earth
Feb 15 Neil Tabor Earth Sciences, SMU High Times: Paleoenvironments and Paleoelevations of the Oligocene (30 – 22 Ma) Ethiopian Plateau
Feb 22 Peter Cliff LSU/Pioneer Shortcourse Climatic and Tectonic Controls on Sediment Supply to the South China Sea:Feedbacks on continental margin structure
Peter James Geosciences, Baylor University Time to be determined.
Mar 22 Judith Parish Geological Sciences, University of Idaho Navajo Sandstone: Hydrologic Archive in a Hyperarid Desert
April 5 John Breyer Ret. Marathon, Emerit. Prof. TCU Carrier Beds as Unconventional Reservoirs
April 12 Mark Kirschbaum USGS Controls on the deposition and preservation of the Cretaceous Frontier Formation, SW Wyoming
April 26 Majie Fan UT Arlington Ouachita orogeny recorded in subsidence history and sediment dispersal pattern in the Fort Worth Basin